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Unfiled Back Tax Returns?

All back tax returns must be filed before resolving tax issues and applying for tax relief.

Under certain circumstances, there still may be time to file without criminal penalties. Get started today using eTaxCare discount codes to file prior year tax forms.

Failure to file tax returns is a felony. Willful failure to file returns can result in a punishment of one year in jail and a $25,000 fine.

How To Save Money Filing Back Taxes

  1. Enroll in the eTaxCare online tax resolution program.
  2. Follow simple filing instructions to obtain your transcripts.
  3. Use eTaxCare Discount codes.
    There are 3 preferred ways to accurately file back taxes depending on your situation:
    1. Buy tax preparation software (e.g., Turbo Tax®)
    2. Use a national chain for tax preparation (e.g., H&R Block®)
    3. Hire a tax professional
  4. Send in your back taxes.

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