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Levy Release

Has the IRS filed a levy with your bank and you are now unable to pay your bills, your rent or mortgage, your car payment or buy food for your family?

Once the IRS sends a Notice of Levy to the financial institution informing them that you owe taxes, the IRS requires them to freeze all the money in your account(s) as of that day. The bank must hold these funds for 21 days. At the end of that period, the bank must remit the funds to the IRS.

This 21 day period allows you time to negotiate with and encourage the IRS to release the funds from levy. After the 21 day period, the bank will send your money to the IRS.

eTaxCare will provide you with customized sample responses when you correspond with your assigned revenue officer to obtain “A Release of Levy”.

4 Steps to Release a Bank Levy:

  1. FILE all missing back tax filings (with or without payment)
  2. USE eTaxCare’s secure questionnaire to generate a sample script for contact with assigned Revenue Officer (Revenue Officer’s contact information will appear on the letter that was sent to your bank by the IRS or State tax authorities)
  3. SEND completed financial package and eTaxCare forms to assigned Revenue Officer
  4. DELIVER Release of Levy to your bank

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