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IRS Fresh Start Program (OIC)

Under the current Fresh Start initiative the IRS has incorporated its streamlined Offer in Compromise process and has added flexibility to the financial analysis used in evaluating offers.

The streamlined Offer in Compromise process includes:

  • Fewer requests for additional financial information
  • If necessary, requests for additional information by phone, not by mail
  • Greater flexibility when considering your ability to pay

The changes to financial analysis add more flexibility to the OIC process including:

  • Greater flexibility in determining the equity in assets
  • Greater flexibility in determining the allowable living expenses
  • Reducing the amount of future income included in the offer
  • Decreased timeframe to complete the OIC payment process to two years
Benefits for those who were denied Tax Relief in the past and now may qualify under the new guidelines established in May 2012

New reductions are available for:

  • Student Loans
  • Other State Debt
  • New Living Expense allowances
  • Changes to Income limits
  • Changes to eligible tax debt

Now is the best time to apply for an offer or re-apply if you were denied in the past.

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